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    http://www.consult-gem.com 2024-05-21 17:03 《中華工控網》翻譯

    EtherCAT Technology Group Distributes 4,000th EtherCAT Vendor ID

    May 16, 2024 - With the assignment of the 4,000th EtherCAT Vendor ID, the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) once again showcases the outstanding diversity of EtherCAT manufacturers. The Vendor ID is mandatory for manufacturers of EtherCAT devices and enables those devices to be uniquely identified and assigned worldwide.

    2024年5月16日消息——隨著第4,000個EtherCAT供應商ID的分配,EtherCAT技術協會(ETG) 再次展示了EtherCAT制造商的卓越多樣性。供應商ID對于EtherCAT設備制造商來說是強制性的,它使這些設備能夠在全球范圍內進行唯一標識和分配。

    Accordingly, each EtherCAT device must bear its manufacturer’s unique Vendor ID. The ETG alone assigns EtherCAT Vendor ID numbers and provides precise guidelines for their use. This ensures uniform and reliable interoperability of EtherCAT products in accordance with the EtherCAT specifications, and it is verified by testing with the official EtherCAT Conformance Test Tool.


    Oliver Fels (pictured above), who is responsible for the Vendor ID at ETG, explained: “Every manufacturer of an EtherCAT device must be a member of the ETG and have a valid Vendor ID. This must be implemented in every EtherCAT device before it is launched on the market. Users of EtherCAT devices such as machine builders, OEMs or system integrators do not need a Vendor ID.”

    ETG負責供應商ID的Oliver Fels解釋說:“每個EtherCAT設備制造商都必須是ETG的成員,并擁有有效的供應商ID。在每個EtherCAT設備投放市場之前,都必須實施這一點。EtherCAT設備的用戶(例如機器制造商、OEM或系統集成商)則不需要供應商ID。”

    The allocation of an EtherCAT Vendor ID is free of charge, as is ETG membership. This underlines the openness of the technology. ETG members can apply for the Vendor ID online via the EtherCAT Technology Group website.


    About EtherCAT Technology Group
    The EtherCAT Technology Group is an organization in which key user companies from various industries and leading automation suppliers join forces to support, promote and advance the EtherCAT technology. With over 7,600 members from 74 countries the EtherCAT Technology Group has become the largest fieldbus organization in the world. Founded in November 2003, it is also the fastest growing fieldbus organization.


    About EtherCAT
    EtherCAT is the Industrial Ethernet technology which stands for high-performance, low-cost, easy to use with a flexible topology. It was introduced in 2003 and has been an international IEC standard and a SEMI standard since 2007. EtherCAT is an open technology: anyone can implement or use it.


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